Approximately 98% of Haiti has been deforested causing soil erosion and depletion of vital soil nutrients. Families in rural areas are largely dependent on subsistence farming for a livelihood, yet due to exhausted land and resources as well as lack of knowledge of good land practices, few can make an adequate living. This program, in addition to providing an opportunity to generate income through the sale of produce from the trees, teaches "best practice" farming methods to ensure future harvests are plentiful.  

Many aide projects provide plants to local, considering their job complete. But without ongoing training and follow-up, there is less success. FIAI provides a large variety of fruit, nut, and hardwood seedlings to families, while working closely with those families to make sure the trees are properly planted and cared for. The main fruits grown are avocados and mangoes, but we also grow and distribute sweet and sour oranges, limes, pummelo, grapefruit, breadfruit, cacao, cherries, coffee, guava, passion fruit, mandarin, bananas, coconuts, cashews, almonds, sapodilla, tamarind, cherimoya, atemoya, grafted Choquette avocado (very large), miracle fruit, and chocolate pudding tree! The favorite hardwood species is Haitian oak but we also grow several other varieties as well. These trees, when planted and cared for properly provide not only sustenance for the families but very important income from the sale of their fruit and wood!

Your gift of $25 will provide five fruit trees to a family. Many of Haiti's people, the poorest in the America's, routinely cut down trees for use as charcoal. This has resulted in almost complete deforestation of the country. This leads to infertile soil, mudslides, depleted groundwater supplies, and destruction of a vital food source. We provide trees, training, and follow up to empower farmers to restore tree cover to their land, protect the environment, and provide a critical food source.

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Mission Statement

Faith in Action International is a Christian mission organization that exists to bring hope to the people of Haiti in the Artibonite Valley and surrounding mountains by spreading the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and by empowering them to meet their basic physical needs.