Lay Leader &
Pastoral Training Seminars

  • Faith in Action International provides Creole-language Bibles and invites inter-denominational clergy members for Lay Leader and Pastoral Training Seminars held in Haiti.

  • Attendees are both lay people and pastors who have started a church in Haiti. By inviting active pastors as well as lay persons, both benefit. Often times the pastors' role in the Haitian villages is overseeing the actual Sunday morning service but the lay leaders coordinate everything during the week - from morning to evening Bible studies.

  • These seminars are currently held four times during the year. Each time they are offered, some Haitian lay leaders or pastors walk as much as six hours to attend them.

  • We feel we are making a tangible difference in bringing Christianity to the Haitian people, due to the large number of Haitian lay leaders and pastors who attend. We invite 120 people to participate. Most of these seminars attract 100 Haitian participants. If we had the facility to hold more people we could easily increase the number.

  • U.S. pastors facilitate discussions about Bible Scripture passages, explain and demonstrate the sacrament of baptism, answer questions, plus dialogue with Haitian lay leaders and pastors about spreading the "Good News" of Christ to the Haitian villagers. These people worship in crude, clay huts made from sticks, clay and rocks that scatter the hillsides of the Artibonite Region surrounding the Faith in Action International mission headquarters.

  • Because of a lack of funding, we have offered the simplest of meals during the seminars. Participants receive coffee and bread for morning, rice and beans for lunch. We wish we could improve the meal by offering chicken, pork or fish and some fruit.

  • Since voodoo is still so prevalent throughout this island nation, we feel it is imperative to grow the number of Lay Leader and Pastoral Training Seminars provided each year in order to spread Christianity and increase the number and scope of villagers reached. Our goal is to increase to doing them quarterly.

  • We feel it is or mission to help bring not only God's Words but also the sacraments, a generous spirit of resource sharing, plus a sense of hope to seminar participants. By uplifting Haitian lay leaders and pastors in their work serving their impoverished friends, families and congregation members, they will also be building up their communities.

  • Your gift of $120 will allow a church leader to attend quarterly seminars for one year. Haiti is a dark place where voodoo, idolatry, dark magic, and enslaving forms of religion are prevalent. There is great opportunity to bring the light of Christ to people in spiritual darkness. Many people attend church or are marginally religious, but even among believers, spiritual knowledge is limited. Your donation will help prepare these leaders to learn God's truth and share God's Word.

  • Your gift of $40 will provide a Bible, hymnal, and study book, all in Créole, for a pastor. Very few pastors have formal training, and amazingly, many don't have Bibles because they cannot afford them.

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Mission Statement

Faith in Action International is a Christian mission organization that exists to bring hope to the people of Haiti in the Artibonite Valley and surrounding mountains by spreading the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and by empowering them to meet their basic physical needs.